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Summer Term 2024
Start date: Monday 15th April
Half term: Monday 27th May - Saturday 1st June
End date: Saturday 20th July
No Swim: Monday 6th May / Saturday 15th June
Make up lesson: Monday 22nd July / Saturday 27th July

Autumn Term 2024
Start Date: Monday 9th September
Half Term: Monday 28th Oct - Saturday 2nd November
End Date: Saturday 14th December
No Swim: Wednesday 18th September
Make up lesson: Wednesday 18th December

Please use the following class descriptions as guidance when booking the most appropriate class for your child/children. Please then tick the relevant box on the booking form.


Exclusively designed for our Pre-School students, this class is suitable for children under the age of 5, who have never had swimming lessons before. Please also book this class if your child (under 5) is apprehensive of the water. The Pre-School Dolphins programme is a gentle introduction to swimming independently. We nurture our younger swimmers whilst working on building confidence and developing a love for the water.

(Please note your child must be over 3 years old to enrol for this class.).


Little Dolphins is the 'graduation' class of Pre-School Dolphins. Our students move to this class when they are comfortable and confident in the water and are able to comprehend elementary technique. If you are new to The Dolphin Swimming School, please enrol your child for this class if they cannot swim unaided, but are competent in the water. This programme is also suitable for children who are progressing through Swim England's Duckling Awards.

STAGE 1 (Swim England)

This class is suitable for children who are beginning to swim, without the need for support. Stage 1 is the appropriate class if your child can swim 5 metres with or without flotation equipment and support. Please also book this class if your child is aged 6 and above and has never had swimming lessons before. If your child has been awarded a Stage 1 certificate, they need to enrol into this class to work towards achieving their Stage 2 certificate.

STAGE 2 (Swim England)

If your child has been awarded their Stage 2 certificate, please enrol them into this class, which will work on achieving the outcomes for them to be awarded their Stage 3 certificate. If your child is joining us from another provider, please book this class if they can swim 5 metres on their front and back without aids.

STAGE 3 (Swim England)

This class is suitable for children who can swim 10 metres on their front and back, without flotation equipment or support. Swimmers also need to demonstrate they can fully submerge to pick up an object. Please book for this Stage, if your child/children has been awarded their Stage 3 certificate.

STAGE 4 (Swim England)

Please enrol for this class if your child can swim 10 metres front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke unaided. They will need to competently push and glide from the wall towards the pool floor and perform a sequence of changing shapes, whilst floating on the surface, alongside demonstrating an understanding of floating. This class works in the deep end, so children should feel wholly comfortable working out of their depth.

STAGE 5, LANES (Swim England)

This is our most advanced class, which focuses on lane swimming for stamina and personal survival skills. Swimmers should be able to swim 50 metres on their front and back comfortably. This class is by invitation only.

All children are assessed throughout the term through our rolling curriculum programme and moved accordingly if necessary.


ALL MALE and FEMALE pupils, MUST wear swimming hats in the water. Failure to comply with this will result in an immediate withdrawal of the hire facility. To ensure this situation does not occur a member of my staff will have hats available to borrow for the first week or purchase at every session.

Please make your child aware of this prior to the lessons (a little practice session in the bath will help those reluctant to wear swimming hats). There can be NO exceptions as the High School will be making spot checks through out the term.

We thank you all in advanced for you co-operation and apologies for any inconvenience.


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